25 September 2012

Cleaning Up

Argh. I've got a Mycology test in the morning and I am honestly freaking out about it a little bit. Regardless, here's the down and dirty information about my birding life around Baton Rouge.

I've been birding when I can around campus, with Dr. Remsen at the river, and even got to go hummingbird banding with some good friends. All in all, life is good. Yellow-throated Warblers are moving through, Ruby-throats are pouring through the state on their way south, and it's truly starting to feel like fall. I got another state bird for the first time in almost a year as well: a small group of Bronzed Cowbirds in Covington, Louisiana. Things are good. I'm working hard, birding when I can, and studying always.

It's going to be a good semester.


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