27 August 2012

Sulphur-bellied Flyaway

Much to the surprise of just about everyone in the state, a Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher was found Friday in City Park, New Orleans! Kevin Morgan and I jumped at the chance to add this elusive bird to our state lists, and left early Saturday morning to see what we could find. Alas, it seems that City Park was but a one-day stop for this enigmatic vagrant, and it was never seen again.

Not to be discouraged, Kevin and I spent a good amount of time searching the woods and trying to see what else we could find. It seemed that every person we talked to had a different list of birds, but we definitely got lucky with a lone Blue-winged Warbler accompanying a flock of Yellow Warblers! I then came home, got sick, and spent the rest of the weekend lying in bet, sleeping, and drinking sprite. C'est la vie. However, I am starting to recover and just in time! Tomorrow night, Hurricane Isaac will be making landfall in Louisiana, and who knows what kinds of awesome seabirds will be brought with it to Baton Rouge...

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