30 August 2012

After the Storm

Isaac was, amazingly, the least of my troubles this week. From almost the minute after I returned from chasing the Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher in New Orleans, I began to feel ill. I became more and more ill until the storm hit and spent several days of it sleeping and watching Star Trek, recuperating and in no shape for storm birding.

Luckily, today, I was able to muster my strength for a short amount of time and head out to the lake. One of the first birds I laid eyes on was a male Magnificent Frigatebird! I grew excited and tried to get closer, but by the time I had moved 50 meters the bird was gone, and I never saw it again. Worried that other birds might just be passing through at the moment as well, I quickly scanned the lake. A lone Royal Tern cruised the far shoreline, and a lone Least Tern flitted among the buoys in the middle of the lake. Two Laughing Gulls cruised overhead, and as I tried to get a better look at them I could feel my strength fading, and my cough was beginning to worsen once again.

Being sick may have bested me this time, but two new parish birds in one day is pretty good! Next hurricane, I'll be ready...

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