17 January 2012

The Year So Far

Normally when a long time lapses and I do not post anything to this blog, it is because I am busy doing something. In the past, it has been due to lack of internet, colossal amounts of school work and my drive to be outside instead of be in front of a computer monitor. This year,  so far, has been different. Since my last post, I have done relatively little. I said goodbye to Emily for the semester, I've tried to get my belongings together, and I fell ill. Then my dad got sick, and got pneumonia, and now that I am feeling better I realize that I am out of time. Tomorrow, I shall leave for South Africa for five months. Here goes nothing... I'll be trying my best to blog while I'm over there, but rest assured that this time my silences will be from doing something, and not from staying at home. (My dad is doing a lot better by the way; he's started pestering me for things more so I can tell he's feeling better!)

My next post will be from a warmer land than this. Take care, and see you soon!

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