05 January 2011

Of Organic Chemistry and popping lungs

A few months ago, I put my last blog post up. I said to myself, "This year, I will blog continuously and without break! I shall be master of the internet!" Then, life intervened. After surviving my left lung collapsing three times last year, my right lung was jealous of all the attention my left side was receiving. It sat there, scheming and plotting, and finally was so enraged that it popped, quite literally, to get the attention it deserved. However, I was now acclimated to the pain associated with collapsed lungs, thanks to my left side, so I sighed and, after a good night's sleep, headed to the hospital. As I was recovering from my lung, the classes started to pile up, specifically those known as Organic Chemistry and Microbiology. Incredibly, I managed to get A's in all but one of my classes, but the damage to my blog had already been done: it had been neglected. And unfortunately, I abandoned it during the best year of birding I have ever had. I saw over 900 species of bird last year, but did not blog about them very much at all. My limited internet over the summer and desire to pass my classes meant that this blog fell by the wayside. But that is my New Year's resolution (or at least one of them) for this year: to update this blog more often. However, more OCHEM is looming, so it may not be extremely often, but I will try to get it done.

I hope you all have a great new year!

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  1. Do what you can; nobody can ask more of you than that. but then every post doesn't have to be a masterpiece of composition, either. :)