27 September 2009

Unexpected Problems

For those of you who follow my blog, I know I alluded to a good post this week, but alas, life intervened. As I write this, a pelagic trip is being conducted out of Venice, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. I was one of the first to sign on for the trip, but on Monday night, I suffered from sudden extreme pain in my upper left chest. When the pain remained Tuesday morning, I went to the doctor and was informed that I had suffered from a spontaneous pnuemothorax. In layman's terms: my left lung partially collapsed for no reason. I was in the hospital for most of the remaining week, and avoided my dorm room for a few days as one of my room mates was just diagnosed with swine flu. For the time being, I am confined to nearby areas until my lung heals up all the way.

I am doing fine now, but will be grounded from crazy trips for at least a month. (Fortunately, my next crazy trip is ~ two months away.) Until next time, take care!

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