16 June 2009

Wrapping Up the South Rim

Over the past week, I have been finishing up my surveys on the South Rim, a task I do not extremely enjoy. It seems that on the North Rim, my accommodations will not be as spectacular, or possible not even existent. All of these qualms aside, though, the home stretch of the South Rim can be described in one way: Awesome birds, terrible transects. Over the past week, I have had two Northern Goshawks, two Northern Pygmy-Owls (one of which was seen fighting in mid-air with a female Black-headed Grosbeak), Williamson's Sapsucker (state bird), Clark's Nutcracker (state bird), Downy Woodpecker (state bird), and American Three-toed Woodpecker (state bird). Though not on a transect, Andrew and I also pulled off finding four California Condors on the South Rim.
California Condor (picture from 1/2 mile away).

The transects, on the other hand, were terrible. It took my an hour to walk 5oo meters through some of that terrain.... Hopefully the North Rim is more kind.

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