18 March 2009

Stalking in a Good Way

My Aunt called from down the street this evening to inform me that a Great Horned Owl had swooped into her yard and was checking out her cats (well, she didn't describe this exactly, but owls will be owls). I saw this as an opportunity to get a good picture, but upon stepping outside I realized that the lighting would be too terrible to get any pictures. But then, I spotted a new quarry. Lying about twenty feet away from me was a Mourning Dove, presumably preparing to roost. I have observed them doing this numerous times on my way out into the world in the early dawn as my headlights illuminate them, but saw this chance to photograph one. I got down low to the ground and began inching forward. At first, the bird just stared at me. So I took a picture, using the flash in the low light to better capture his image. Then, while he was dazed, I began inching forward. I repeated this method about three times until I was a mere 1.5 meters away. I then took one last picture of him attempting to sneak away, and then he thwarted my plans once and for all by taking wing and alighting on a power line above. At least I got some decent pics.

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